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My work is all about curiosity.
How ?

By creating a patchwork of unlimited possibilities where​​ every single choice opens a door to another universe and different dimensions.


I let myself be inspired by nature, its forms, its colours, its light. After years of research on different techniques and materials, I let my curiosity guide me towards new creations. 

What interests me is the story behind my work, by mixing colours, parts of fabric and other materials. I want to bring out the emotions of each element into a rich and intricate patchwork.

By piecing together these pieces that reflect dreams and ideas, I want to show how we can bring them alive and express them in our reality. We stay young with these dreams, ideas and aspirations.


Born in Canada in 1961of headstrong and uncommon Dutch travelers. Before she has time to even learn English or Dutch, a work opportunity meant her family to move to Brazil.

This country forever marks the budding artist as her memories  are gorged by the rough nature, the human warmth, the sounds of the drums, flavors and spices. Although she is pushed to study engineering and follows an early career as a computer analyst and programmer she develops her painting in the shadows. 

As her computing career thrusts her over to more ordered countries with meticulous and strong intellectual focus, Hamilton develops a need to extend the reach of her artistic output. Thus it is in France, after years around Australia, Europe and the USA, that she decides to leave her successful analyst  career to devote herself fully to her true calling... ART. 

She joined Anca Sonia School of Art for a year, shared several art studios with artists who contributed to her self development, before opening her first atelier. She excels in paintings in large formats and is constantly searching new techniques, new materials, experiencing different supports and learning .  

The ochres and rich colors of the interior parts of Brazil surge and dominate her first series "MINAS", named after the state in the interior of Brazil where she grew up. 

She also works on murals, frescoes and ceramics.

Today she works and lives in the cote d'azur, France.

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